We believe that to have a significant impact on the world is to reject mediocrity and embrace excellence. Each day, we find better ways of doing the things we do. We will not rest on our achievements, but will build on them and set new standards for others to follow. We will strive to exceed expectations in every project.


We seek and support actions that fill the world with hope by serving and contributing to the welfare of others. We are intentional about our decisions and actions to benefit others.


At HoP Africa, we show up for each other and unite to achieve the organization’s objectives. We understand that the strength of our team lies in our ability to trust each other no matter what the circumstances.


People with passion grow personally and professionally. They are contagious and inspire those around them. This is the kind of team we are building. People who aren’t afraid to come to work each day; people who love the challenge. People who confront challenges with creativity and optimism, pushing themselves beyond their limits.


We preach patriotism, Teach patriotism and Demand good governance.


We are greatly aware of our responsibility as an organization to be consistent with what we are and what we believe in. We believe in respect and transparency towards all of our stakeholders. We place a premium on integrity because it builds a mutual sense of trust, dependability and respect.


Our partners depend on us to do what is expected of us. We honor commitments to our partners and to one another even when it is uncomfortable. We are responsible for accomplishing our work on-time and with quality.