HoP Agro CSR

HoP Agro projects can be multi-dimensional and for HoP AFRICA, we encourage our partners to get involved in projects that can be beneficial to communities as well as to states and the nation at large. Project Pere-Rat is the pilot agro project that HoP has taken on. Funded by HerVest NG , the project aims to empower small holder female farmers with knowledge and skills on modern agricultural practices, and also to provide them with financial support and farm inputs to boost productivity. This project is named 'Project Pere-Rat' which means 'to start well' in Berom language, the common language spoken in both communities. Our crops of interest for this project are Potato and Fonio. Kuru district in Jos South local government was chosen to cultivate Fonio because they produce arguably the best quality Fonio. As the blight disease has been a major challenge in the cultivation of Irish potatoes, we sought a community where the disease is most minimal and found from research, that because Fan district in Barkin Ladi local government has only cultivated potatoes for less than 10 years, the level of disease in the soil is considerably less than in other communities that have cultivated potatoes for upwards of 60 years. HoP Agro aligns with And Project Pere-Rat aligns with SDG4- Gender equality and women empowerment.

Naija Citizens Club

Naija Citizens Club (NCC) One of the core values of HoP Africa is Patriotism. As Sir Tafawa Balewa, Nigeria’s first and only prime minister said in his famous speech “Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country”, we believe that Nigerians can do a lot for Nigeria but only if they know and understand it’s History. Naija Citizens Club enhances the understanding of Nigeria by teaching Nigerian history to school children. According to Marcus Garvey, "A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots." We believe that when children have excellent knowledge of their nation's history, they will become politically intelligent and stand a better chance of not repeating the mistakes of past leaders. So far, 35 Learners have benefitted in 2 schools in Plateau State. Our Naija Citizens Club project is in alignment with SDG 4- Quality Education.

Naija Book Club

Naija Book Club (NBC) The Naija Book Club Is designed to encourage people to read Nigerian and African authored books. We find that too often, many Nigerians prefer to read Western literature which they erroneously believe has superior content. The Naija Book Club seeks to resolve this issue- one Nigerian, one African book at a time. The club is a community where every week, members review the contents of the ‘Book of the month’. We hope this can change and evolve mindsets, as well as inspire a lifelong interest for Nigerian and African literature. We will also from time to time read and review books from non African authors to ensure that our views are from balanced points.

Back to Books Project

Back to Books Project Our very first partnership has been with the Giant Factory on the Back2Books Project. In 2019, we facilitated a partnership project with Back to Books and the Library in a Private School in Mangu was furnished with shelves and books.

HoP Leadership Series

Through the HoP Leadership Series, we are investing time, resources and our networks to build capacity and capability of young leaders. We are experiencing a swift pace of change in the world. Therefore, we need forward-thinking and innovative leaders to be at the forefront of the government and the business world. Our leadership series is designed to create, develop and improve leadership traits in young leaders.

IDP Support Programme

IDP Support Program This program supports children and youths displaced by violent conflicts across the country. With support from our partners, we have provided scholarships for internally displaced children and have also sponsored a displaced youth to enroll in a skills acquisition training center.